Event Participation Terms & Agreements


Dancer, or if a minor, Dancer's Parent/Legal Guardian [herein referred to as "Dancer"] agrees that he/she is participating in the HipHopUtah Dance Convention [hereinafter referred to as "HipHopUtah"] of their own choosing and expressly agrees not to hold HipHopUtah, Jason Celaya or any of the representatives of the Event or Organization liable for any activity/situation that may arise before, during or after the event. 

Such activities may include but are not limited to injury, theft, interpersonal disagreements or any other relevant activity or scenario that may arise and be deemed in Dancer or Dancer's Parent/Legal Guardian's minds as unpleasant or unprofessional. 

Dancer understands and agrees that they're choosing to participate of their own volition, accepts full responsibility for any and all activities/events that may occur and hereby indemnifies HipHopUtah, Jason Celaya and all other Organizational Representatives at the event from any legal action arising out of Dancer's participation.

Image & Footage Media Release

Dancer (or Parent/Guardian if Dancer is a minor) hereby agree to allow their images and activities to be photographed, filmed and duplicated and then used in any way the producers of Hip Hop Utah see fit for Marketing, Promotional, Entertainment or any other legitimate business purposes.
The same release holds true for use of any photographs of video in any social media or advertising campaigns. 

Privacy Protection
Requirements if no desire to be filmed

Your Privacy Is Guaranteed - we will never sell your information to anyone under any circumstances. 
 If Dancer does not wish to be photographed or filmed, they must remit such a request in writing no later than 24 hours before the event occurs at which case the organizers will have the right to accept and make arrangements or simply refund Dancer's tuition and remove them from the participation roster.